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Writing stories is like parenting:
A lot of work and frustration, but ultimately worth it.
You can't always control what your children will be like,
Or what they'll do after they leave the nest,
Or if the other kids will like them.
But you can help them be their best selves,
Give them roots, and give them wings.

Books by Elizabeth Robinson


talismen cover from amazon


In the midst of a war that has lasted since the beginnings of civilization, the leader of the Talismen training sector decides that it is time to call upon their foreseen hope for an unforeseen dilemma. But their newest recruit has failed to yet recognize even his simplest power. Whenever eleven-year-old Roman was asked “How did you know that?” by people like Hal, he struggled to find an answer, both for the person asking, and for himself. Roman and Caleb didn’t think much at first when two out-of-place boys stopped them in their tracks coming home from school, until two of their classmates set off a fake bomb at the movie theater. Upon finding that these were connected, Roman would have to choose between facing his destiny alone or trusting complete strangers. But even after joining the Talismen, Roman soon finds that he’s more alone than he thinks…

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