December Newsletter

“All I want for Christmas is time to finish my novel.”

“That’s so relatable.”
― Elizabeth Robinson

pexels-photo-76931 (1)
Tookapic via Pexels


This month Elizabeth C. Robinson published four Insomnia Posts (“Why Are People Ashamed to Watch Kids’ Shows?” “Why Democracy?” and “Motivation: Fun vs. Fear”), one book compilation (“The 12 Books I’ve Given 5/5 Stars”), and a personal essay (“First Semester Reflection”).

Only in Amigos is now officially in the third editing process: test reading. Anyone who wishes to participate as a test reader is free to request the manuscript at or on our website at

Charango will no longer be featured on our website,, effective as soon as our next web update.

Behind the Scenes:

Number of Pages Written This Month:


Number of Chapters Written This Month:


Number of Chapters Edited This Month:


This month’s behind the scenes fun facts:

From Talismen: Birthstones

As Elizabeth Robinson was finishing up the first draft of Talismen: Birthstones, one of her friends asked to be featured in the novel as a giant, talking tree. It was possible that the friend was only joking, but Elizabeth obliged anyways, making the final monsters on the Island giant, aggressive trees.


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