January Newsletter

“Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.”
― Cavett Robert

Unsplash via Pexels


Since the last newsletter, my website published two Insomnia Posts (“The Nuances of Following Your Dreams” and “13 Different Ways to Find/Hide a Fantasy World”) and one book review (“Worm Review #2”).

Only in Amigos is now officially in the third editing process: test reading. Anyone who wishes to participate as a test reader is free to request the manuscript at metokapublishing@gmail.com or on our website at MetokaBooks.com/Contact.

This year’s newsletters will feature regular updates on my quest to finish the unspeakably lengthy web serial Worm, written and edited by Wildbow. The only exception to this will be during the month of June, during which I will not be reading regularly. You’ll be in for a different surprise then!

Behind the Scenes:

Number of Pages Written This Month:


Number of Chapters Written This Month:


Number of Chapters Edited This Month:


This month’s behind the scenes fun facts:

From Talismen: Birthstones

When I was young, I fantasized an island full of creatures that had been genetically altered by a mad scientist. In fact, that was the basis for my second (failed) attempt at writing a novel! The sketches I made of these creatures turned into the non-plant creatures of the Island in Talismen: Birthstones: the jumping mice, feline creatures, and flying monkeys like Pongo!

Resolution Update:

My Resolution: Finish reading Worm by Wildbow

Last week marked the beginning of enacting the resolution. As of the sending of this newsletter, all weekly goals (7 chapters a week) have been met.


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