Site now up and running!

Hello and welcome to, version 2.0! I’ve been working pretty hard on getting her up and running for the past two months (took longer than expected, so that you for your *relative* patience), and the site is now ready for the real world!

I’m liking the WordPress layout much more than Weebly, but I need to know how things look on your end! How’s the layout? How are things on mobile? Is it user friendly and easy to navigate? Trust me, I won’t know these things unless someone tells me.

On that note, you may be wondering where all your favorite blog posts. It would take another few months to transfer over all the blog posts from the old site, so I’ve made a compromise: every week I’ll alternate between posting new content and reposting old content…

Starting in July. But until then, I’m going to be in Spain! I’m taking an evolution class abroad in Seville while staying with a generous host family. What does that mean for the site? It means travel blogs, silly! My goal for June is to finally make that one last push with Spanish and become fluent. Every day I’ll be posting updates on my progress in the lovely city of Seville, and once a week I’ll tell funny stories about me trying to convince Sevillians that I’m a native speaker from Ecuador (Que? Tengo acento? Es que soy de Ecuador. Ingles? No! No hablo ingles…). Feel free to reach out to me if you have ideas on how to help exercise my Spanish, or places to visit in Spain!

Until then, enjoy the site! I’m very proud of how it turned out, and I’d be honored if you all played around with it a bit, checking out the new comment system, polls, layout, buttons, etc…

One thought on “Site now up and running!

  1. Excited that your blog is finally up and running! Love the new site design and can’t wait to read about your time in Spain!!
    Miss you and see ya in a few months 🤗

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