June Newsletter

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." 

—Maya Angelou


As you can tell, I’ve been enjoying my Maya Angelou quotes…

This summer, I’ll be working on looking for writing agents! If you know any, please feel free to make my search a little easier and let me know!

Additionally, it looks like I’ll also be putting reviews for games on the blog! My first ever game review, for Life is Strange, is linked to below. I’m also considering doing “quick reviews” for books, movies, and games that I don’t have too many thoughts on individually.

Reviews: The Alice Network by Kate Quinn (2017) and Life is Strange by Dontnod Entertainment (2015)

Insomnia Posts: Take a Break and Confidence vs Humility

Behind the Scenes:

Number of Pages Written in April:


Number of Chapters Written in April:


Number of Chapters Edited/Planned in April:


(As you can see, summertime seems to be more productive for me)

Behind the scenes fun facts:

From Alloland

The big bad predator of the sea in Alloland, the Leviathan, is actually based off of an animal that really existed on earth in the past: the liopleurodon. The liopleurodon could grow up to 23 feet long, even longer than today’s great white shark!

Behind the scenes Writing data:

Well, it’s been 103 days since I started recording extra data on my writing habits. I’ve decided to send you guys a different statistical visual about it each month! This month is the master line plot, which shows how many pages I wrote each day for the past 103 days!

Additionally, here is a table of the average and median (middle) number of pages written each day, and the time spent writing each day:

Average/Mean Median/Middle
Pages per Day 3.7 3.5
Time Spent Writing per Day 80.7 minutes 84 minutes

Real Life Cool Stuff:

Topic: Science

We’re used to humans being weaklings compared to other members of the animal kingdom. But did you know that we’re some of the best runners? In terms of speed, humans are far from being the best runners. But humans have some of the best endurance of any other land animal species, debatably tying with horses and sled dogs. This is partly because of our ability to sweat: other animals are covered in fur and need to let off heat by panting, which is inefficient compared to sweating all over one’s body.

Sources: https://www.popularmechanics.com/adventure/sports/g418/animal-kingdom-top-marathon-runners/?slide=2



New Year’s Resolution:

Check out new media when people recommend it

So far this year, I’ve checked out: Big Mouth (love it), Taxi, Habitica (love it), Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Moneyball (good), Re:Zero (good), Saberspark (love it), The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, ExtraHistory (love it), Isle of Dogs, Full Metal Alchemist (good), The Alice Network (good), Overlord, Mendeley (love it), Life is Strange (LOVE IT!!!), The L Word (good), TierZoo (love it), and Siberian Village: Life and Land in the Sakha Republic.


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