The MegaPost

I’m sure all two of my readers out there have been wondering why I didn’t post anything last Monday like I normally do. Well, it’s the same reason why you do not see the normal content in this post right now: I have been working on an enormous serial post, which should be done by this evening. This “MegaPost” will be four or five posts long, each of which will be published at the end of a day for this week (because who wants to wait a month to reach the end of something?).

So I apologize that at this moment, you may not be able to read the content that you came here for. Rest assured that, if you are subscribed to me, you are about to get hit with a flood of posts this week.

Additionally, I may or may not be taking next week off after putting out this MegaPost. I do not think that I will be taking two weeks off, so if you don’t see a post next week, rest assured that there will be one the week after.

I hope you enjoy the MegaPost!


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