35 Weird Things About Me

Originally published 8/13/2016. Some updates have been made in the form of strikethroughs

  1. I absolutely love milk. I can tell whole, skim, and 1%/2% apart by taste
  2. I’m a “discovery writer”, which means I plan almost nothing no plot before writing
  3. My favorite punctuation is the hyphen
  4. I have an extra chin muscle I can move to make it look like a frog
  5. My eyebrows furrow into the shape of the UT Bevo logo (Hook ’em!)
  6. My favorite colors are blue and orange, which are polar opposites on the color spectrum
  7. My favorite coding language is HTML R
  8. I am a nerd
  9. My favorite number used to be 9
  10. My favorite animal is a wolf, but I haven’t decided which breed of wolf
  11. My favorite childhood movies were: Balto, Brother Bear, and Spirit
  12. My eyes are literally too big for their sockets to be healthy
  13. My favorite number is now 13, which was also my great grandmother’s favorite number
  14. I didn’t fight the law, and the law lost
  15. think I’m an INFP MBTI type, which is apparently perfect for writers
  16. My hair used to be blonde and now it’s turning brown, which is causing me an identity crisis
  17. I don’t think any foreign languages sound “prettier” than others, but I do think certain accents sound more mellifluous than others
  18. My favorite word in Spanish is “hablaba”
  19. My favorite word in Chinese is a curse word, and I won’t repeat it here
  20. I don’t believe in good and evil, only evolution….yet I live in Texas
  21. I hate Google Docs but I still use them
  22. My favorite dog breeds are miniature pinscher and german shepherd
  23. My initials spell out ER for Emergency Room
  24. I have a scar on my chin from getting stitches in an Emergency Room
  25. I never bother clipping my nails, but I do for some reason feel the urgent need to click “safely remove hardware” before ejecting a USB drive
  26. My favorite kick is a hook kick
  27. My knees have external orientation, meaning that they don’t align with the rest of my legs
  28. I have a birthmark on either of my hands, and I like to pretend that one looks like a star and the other looks like a crescent moon
  29. I have parallel freckles on each arm
  30. I can grab things with my toes
  31. I hate reading descriptions but I love writing them
  32. I love reading fantasy but enjoy writing science fiction
  33. I hate puns and say them anyways
  34. I hate reading descriptions but write super long descriptions anyway
  35. I can never tell whether I should write “anyways” or “anyway”


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