Old “Alloland” Draft — “Greenhouse Gases” Scene #3

“They follow the orcas following the whales,” Gane finished. “Do we know how far behind they’ll be?”

“Dol says no one’s sure. It’s never happened before, and communication isn’t easy when visitors can’t speak.”

“Mmm,” Gane hummed. “Tell everyone we’ll be staying here until the Cambians arrive. Forage and hunt, but on the seaward side of the mountains.”

“Gane, what about the girl? Shouldn’t we keep searching for her?”

“If the girl escapes, we can manage. But if we allow the Cambians to reach the town? Unequivocal disaster.” … More Old “Alloland” Draft — “Greenhouse Gases” Scene #3

Charlotte’s Web (1952 , 1973 , 2003, and 2006)

While at my parents’ place, I happened to glance over at what remains of our old VHS collection, and saw the 1973 Hannah-Barbara adaptation of Charlotte’s Web. I realized that I’d never read the book, and hadn’t seen the movie in what must be over ten years.

So here we are.

I read the book and watched ALL of the film adaptations of the book. How do they compare? … More Charlotte’s Web (1952 , 1973 , 2003, and 2006)

The Flood Thieves: Prologue

The night was not fleeting. It had been purposely made so. And yet while the darkness intended to conceal the messengers, the pounding of their feet was all too conspicuous. The birds themselves tried to act normally, but occasionally one would take flight at the sound of a twig carelessly snapped under a naked foot, or fallen leaves accidentally disturbed by a swish of cloth. The skies were clouded in their own attempt to hide the man and the woman, each with a babe clutched at their breasts. The wind tried its best to compose a gentle song, soft enough that it wouldn’t disturb the forests’ inhabitants, yet loud enough that it would aid the couple in eluding detection. The man and the woman, however, knew that without haste they would never reach their destination before morning. They moved hastily, and by misfortune or carelessness, they were noticed.

The ground suddenly erupted in tremors, and the couple forgot all caution, breaking out into a flight that rivaled the startled birds above their heads. A horrible rumbling emitted from the bare earth in a clearing they passed, and while they rushed passed it their own shadows appeared in front of them, bordered by a scarlet glow. The trees shook with the force of the quake, leaves flying into the faces of the adults while their infants began to cry out. While they ran, the roots of the surrounding trees reared up from their place in the ground, smoldering. Before long the cracks in the earth had cut off their path, but were narrow enough to jump. The couple now scented acrid smoke with every shallow breath, and the forest was illuminated with the red and orange light. … More The Flood Thieves: Prologue

Finals Hiatus

This is just an announcement that I’m going to be going on a brief hiatus during my college’s finals season. Yes, I know our finals are late, and you’re all probably off on summer vacation. But I’ll be back around late May! Don’t forget about me. Please help me live vicariously through you by having … More Finals Hiatus

Discovery vs Outline Writing

Plenty of writers and bloggers have covered the topic before: does “discovery writing” exist? If so, which is better, discovery writing or the traditionally taught “outline writing”?

This blog is not about those questions. It’s about the discourse that writers, readers, and English academics have been exchanging, how toxic it is, and why such a seemingly inconsequential debate is getting so heated.

For the Uninitiated:
For those of you who aren’t caught up on this fiasco, “discovery” and “outline” writing refer to differing ways of creating a plot. Outline writing is what you most likely learned in K – 12: to write a story, you first create an outline, and then you start slowly connecting those dots as you write. “Pure” outline writing would be outlining a story down to the last paragraph. You can make revisions, of course, but a true outline writer finds it difficult to get started without knowing where they’re headed. Even if the plan doesn’t survive contact, a plan is still necessary. Discovery writing is simply the absence of an outline. Pure discovery writing would be creating characters, picking a premise, and then just seeing what happens.

Some big names are on either side of this debate. Stephen King is adamant about the power of letting characters make their own decisions, and not shoehorning them into a particular plan (Source: “On Writing”). J.K. Rowling, on the other hand, says that outlining and planning is the most vital thing for a good story (Source). Brandon Sanderson — author of the Mistborn series, The Stormlight Archive, and the last parts of The Wheel of Time series — insists that both discovery and outline writing have their pros and cons (Source). … More Discovery vs Outline Writing

Velocity and The Sleeper (2018)


“Yes, Christie?”

“Tony says that Velocity is bad because he never helps people.”

Jalek sighed. When he’d volunteered to be one of the chaperones for the school field trip to Velocity Hall, he’d anticipated getting pelted with accusations like this — though he hadn’t been expecting it from his own daughter. He’d told her a thousand times at home, and the tour guide had just told her a thousand times for the past hour, but her attention disorder made her a horse led to water.

Maybe now that she’s asking the question, she’ll listen, he reassured himself as he prepared to tell the whole story again. … More Velocity and The Sleeper (2018)

Old “Alloland” Draft — “Greenhouse Gases” Scene #2

“We are gathered here to make history,” the woman announced, stepping forward. “I don’t need to remind you all what this graduation, and the graduates’ journey, entails, but it is our duty to keep you always mindful of the consequences.

“Being the first people to sail the sea in a thousand years was no small feat, nor was being the first civilization to make contact and establish relations with the endless others out there. But we paid a price for our openness with others, and now we aim to pay our debt and stave off the threat of the March. What will be truly impressive is finding the solution out at sea. Allies willing to defend, hosts willing to take settlers, scientists willing to share technology…” She let the words hang in the air. “The possibilities are limitless, but urgent.” … More Old “Alloland” Draft — “Greenhouse Gases” Scene #2

Take the Red Pill: The Truth Behind the Biology of Sex

via Take the Red Pill: The Truth Behind the Biology of Sex Very educational discussion on biological sex discussions! Once again, biology that is interpreted differently by different cultures. It makes you think: is the concept of “sex” biological if that concept don’t match up to biological reality? Does sex become a social construct because … More Take the Red Pill: The Truth Behind the Biology of Sex