Sneak Peek at Only in Amigos #2

Youth leaders (generally volunteers in high school or college) travel to a Latin American country, where they will spend 4-8 weeks living in a rural community. Volunteer groups live with a host family, manage daily “camps” (a true Amigo says campamentos) with community youth, and facilitate a project made by and for the entire community. Amigos offers leadership/adulthood skills, Spanish immersion, cultural immersion, and much, much more. … More Sneak Peek at Only in Amigos #2

Sneak Peek at “Only in Amigos”

This is a second-edit draft of my upcoming book, Only in Amigos. Only in Amigos is a short, nonfiction guidebook depicting my adventures in Ecuador volunteering with Amigos de las Americas. It features a mix of vital information about the program as well as the hilarious antics that come with any big adventure. For more information on Amigos de las Americas, please visit their website at
http://www.AmigosInternational.orgMore Sneak Peek at “Only in Amigos”